Teenage Wasteland

Sometimes it feels like I have been living in some kind of endless dream ready to wake up any moment I die. There are so many questions unanswered, so many mysteries unsolved and so many things undefined. Life without purpose is meaningless. Some days I wonder and the rest I wary.

Life is a paper boat drifting through pools of sorrow and waves of joy. But is that it? I believe there’s much more.

Teenage, the base of one’s life, is over for me. All those craziness has come to an end. Now I have to think twice for everything. Why do I need to grow up? Sometimes it really sucks. What did I achieve? Nothing. Nothing in the sense it won’t benefit anyone. Were my years spent correctly? Who knows maybe I achieved everything. Everything? Or maybe I wasted it. After all it’s just a Teenage Wasteland.


Who are you to judge me when you don’t see what’s going on. Hanging on by the strength of my Purple tears, I am ready to slither away.

No. I won’t stop now. For years, I lost myself. Now I feel eternal spinning and weaving round each new experience.